After I stopped smoking I started to put pounds on. I have tried loads of diets and what I like about the Dukan Diet is that you can eat some foods as much as you like and combine work and dieting without trouble.

Dukan Phases

Although there have been lots of diets plan introduced by different people all around the world the results given by the Dukan diet plan cannot be matched by any other dieting plan. The plan is very useful for people who cannot resist their temptations and is therefore divided into four phases each having its own set of rules and dieting plans.

Dr Dukan diet Phase 1

The first stage which is also known as the attack phase allows the dieter to consume only lean protein-based diets like chicken, fish and egg white. The dieter is also required to consume oat bran and plenty of water. This phase is quite difficult and requires a lot of mental strength. The dieter in this phase can loose up to 7 pounds per day in 5 days. The weight loss in this phase is rapid, which as per the plan is quite essential for the dieter to get the necessary motivation and mental strength for continuing the task. The critics, however, are concerned that the dieter can prolong this phase to achieve quick results which can be harmful to the body.

Dr Dukan diet Phase 2

The second phase is also known as the cruise phase is followed until the dieter has achieved the set weight target. In this phase, the dieter can consume starchy vegetables along with lean proteins and oat bran. The dieter in this phase can expect to lose up to 2 pounds per week.  This phase is a bit lenient than the first phase as the plan allows the dieter to intake up to 28 types of non-starch vegetables.

Dr Dukan diet Phase 3 and Phase 4

The third phase and the fourth phase allow the dieter to reintroduce fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods which are essential for the human body. However, the dieter must commit to intake a pure lean protein diet once in a week to prevent any weight gain.

Dukan Diet weight loss

The rapid reduction in weight loss is the primary reason for its popularity among obese and overweight people. However, there are certain side effects to it too as the dieter can face problems like, constipation, fatigue, bad breath which can be easily tackled by following the necessary instructions.

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