The Dukan Diet Plan

People who wish to follow the program should know about the advantages and disadvantages in detail before they plan to initiate it. Dukan diet plan is essentially based on a high protein diet, which as per the plan is the key for reducing the body weight.

Since the plan is essentially based on consuming high protein diet, the dieter here can acquire gout, kidney problems, constipation and many others side effects. Although these problems look quite scary, yet the plan has all the provisions from safeguarding the dieter from acquiring any of them. As per the plan, these problems can be avoided by eating old bran and by drinking lots of water.

Suspicions about diet

Some people think that rapid weight and muscle loss is not good for a healthy body. This seems to be a grave problem and to counter this issue, the program has made the necessary provisions by allowing the dieter to consume multi-vitamins and other minerals which are essential and necessary for the body to cover up for the muscle loss. It should also be noted that by reducing weight the dieter can avoid many fatal diseases like hypertension, heart attack, a stroke which occur because of excess body weight.

Another important fact to be considered here, is that in the third and the fourth phase the dieter can consume whatever they wish to bare one day in a week. All this is not possible in other diet plans which concentrate more on counting the intake of calories and the weight of the food. Dukan plan is purely based on consuming high lean protein diet in a disciplined manner.

Proteins are most important in Dukan diet

Consuming protein is the centre point of this whole program. Dukan diet gives high importance to protein because they contain amino acids which are digested by the human body after a lot of effort.  Since proteins are not digested instantly, hence they remain in the human stomach for a longer time thereby reducing food hunger.  Moreover, digestion of proteins causes lot calories to burn which is the main reason for the rapid weight reduction.

Dukan Diet has been used by millions of people and they all have been benefitted immensely by its unique style. The program is simple to understand and is quite safe if it is followed accordingly. The benefit gained by following the program far exceeds its disadvantages.

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